Please read the terms below carefully before using this website. If you use it, you are considered to accept and agree to the terms.

This document contains the General Terms and Conditions, according to which the company “Attractive Design” Ltd. provides services to its customers through the site BikeParkings.com.

These conditions are mandatory for all users. By loading the built-in hyperlinks located on the server serving BikeParkings.com, or by paying for the use of paid services offered by him, the User fully agrees to accept and comply with these Terms and Conditions.

Obligations under the Electronic Commerce Act (ECA) and the Consumer Protection Act (CPA)

According to ECA and CPA we at BikeParkings.com are obliged to provide you with unimpeded, direct and permanent access to the following information:

1. Our name and address – company “Attractive Design” Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria Sofia, Krasno Selo, bl.196
2. Correspondence data – contact phone +359878 388 625, you can write to us at e-mail address [email protected]
3. Attractive Design Ltd. is registered under the Value Added Tax Act and all prices specified in our price offers BikeParkings.com include VAT. The cost of delivery is NOT INCLUDED in the prices of the goods, but you can check them through the tariff calculators of shipping companies.
4. The authority superseding the activity of the BikeParkings.com is the Consumer Protection Commission.
5. The basic information and characteristics of the goods are detailed on the presentation page of each product.
6. We do not impose any additional value when using the presented means of communication with us.
7. Delivery and Payment methods are described in detail on the Delivery and Payment page.
8. The payment of the goods shall comply with Article 93 para 1 of the Obligations and Contracts Act (GDPR), for which the relevant document is received.

General terms and conditions of use of the site

www. BikeParkings.com is a website that is an electronic showroom, the creator and owner of which is the company “Attractive Design” Ltd. The site offers through the internet network on individual order of the client a wide range of products for construction of bicycle parking.

“Attractive Design” Ltd. entitles you to load and view all materials that are published on this website only for personal use for non-commercial purposes, provided that you comply with and comply with all copyrights and relevant indications.
All images, images, texts, documents, databases and other information generated by the BikeParkings.com and/or Attractive Design Ltd. are owned by Attractive Design Ltd. and accordingly enjoy the protection of the Copyright and Related Rights Act and all international acts in force for the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as the relevant acts of the European Union (unless otherwise expressly stated on the relevant site for the specific case).

Limitation of liability

BikeParkings.com its suppliers or third parties shall not be liable under any circumstances for any damages (including damages from loss of profits), loss of information or other resulting from the use, inability to use or the results of use of this site, which is independent of the existence or non-existence of a warning to BikeParkings.com of the possibility of such damages. In the event that, as a result of your use of this site or materials, it results in damages for which repair, servicing or repair of goods is required, you assume all responsibility and all costs related to the repair of the damages.

Protection of users’ personal data

Attractive Design Ltd. undertakes to protect the information you provide during your registration on the site. The personal data submitted by you is confidential and will not be provided to third parties (an exception here is the courier company that will serve your request). Their reliability is checked and they only serve so that your order can be completed correctly.

Withdrawal of the goods

According to the CPA, you, as consumers, have the right, without due compensation or penalty and without giving a reason, to withdraw from the concluded distance contract within 7 working days from the date of: you have the right to withdraw from the ordered goods within 7 working days of receipt in case they are not used, the integrity of their packaging is not violated and are in the form of , in which they are received.
Upon finding of a defective product up to 24 hours. from its receipt and in case of unviable commercial appearance of the goods and packaging, we undertake to exchange it with a new one according to the warranty terms of the respective manufacturer company or to refund in full the value of the goods paid by you no later than 30 days, in accordance with Article 55 of the CPA, as of the date on which you as consumers have exercised your right of withdrawal. The transport and other costs of receiving or returning the goods are at the expense of the customer.
Upon receipt of the shipment, you must check the contents of the package for the conformity of the goods with the order.
In case of violations in the appearance of the goods arising during transport, you must contact the courier for a protocol for damaged shipment.

In case of disputes of different nature, which are not regulated in the above terms of use, we refer to our company policy, the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act. We will do whatever it takes to stay satisfied with our service and visit us again.

For further questions, you can contact us at the e-mail and contact telephone number listed on the page.

Rules for writing and approving/not approving product reviews/comments:

I. Use of comments

Any user who posts comments agrees to the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the site listed above on this page. BikeParkings.com is not responsible for the reliability, accuracy and usefulness of user reviews.

Ⅱ. Publication and evaluation of opinions

Only registered users of the site have the right to post BikeParkings.com to do so, they need to fill in the following fields: Rating, Subject and Text. They should also select YES or NO under the “Do you recommend this product?” option.

Writing in Cyrillic is a required. Cyrillic is read faster. Writing in Cyrillic, you respect those who read the opinions. Posting links to external sites is not allowed. All posts are published automatically as if there is a new comment, the site administrator is promptly notified.

Post your opinions once. Spam and flud are inadmissible. Stick to the theme. It is not allowed to publish contentless opinions such as “Hahaha”, “Cruel!”, “Very cool” and the like, as they will not benefit other users of BikeParkings.com. Try to be objective.

Iii. Users of the site are entitled to:

1. Publish opinions relating to products in BikeParkings.com
2. Supplement comments already published to the product(s).
3. Report inappropriate opinions to the controller.
4. Object in writing through the contact form on the problem site if they believe that their comments have been moderated/deleted unlawfully.

Iv. The site administrator has the right to hide or delete posts when they contain:

1. Spam or unsolicited commercial messages.
2. Opinions that are unrelated to the product being commented on.
3. Obscene or vulgar expressions, racial, sexual, ethnic or religious insults.
4. Offensive descriptions of physical, intellectual or moral qualities of specific individuals, including other commenting users on the site.
5. Pornographic or copyright-infringing content.
6. Personal data according to the Personal Data Protection Act.
7. Content entirely in a foreign language or written not in Cyrillic.
8. The administrator reserves the right to correct spelling errors, but does not have the right to edit/change users’ comments.


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